Translating what we learn

The seroMARK studies aim to generate data that will be directly relevant to the Black Canadian community and could inform policy changes. These changes can be aimed at reducing the risk of COVID-19 in this community and better understanding any specific factors that might influence vaccine responses among Black Canadians.

We are working closely with members of the Black community to ensure that everyone is fully informed about these projects and how they might be of benefit to the community. Through community engagement, we strive to ensure that feedback received is used to inform how these projects are conducted. Most importantly, we will ensure that the results of the projects are provided to participants and those who helped us conduct this project.

These projects will be By the Community, For the Community, With the Community.

However, we intend to include non-African Canadians who reside in certain postal codes zones as we believe that the information from the projects might also be of benefit to them as well.